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Listen To Music Online with SongDrop Free Online Music Player

SongDrop is a free online music player where you can create custom collections from songs that you find and enjoy listening on YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Tumblr or any other website where music streaming is available. After registering on the website you get a DropIt button for the bookmarks toolbar of your web browser. Clicking on that button while having the website where the song is located will activate the SongDrop music scanner which is gonna add it to your collection.

SongDrop default window

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Screenshot above shows us what you’re gonna see after registration is complete and after you’ve setup the DropIt button to your bookmarks toolbar.

SongDrop adding dropit button

Simply drag and drop the button like you would any other bookmark. The interface that you get is very modern, by default you’re gonna see recent drops, which means songs that other users have added to their playlists. Other categories include popular songs, friends music, and tracks which were shared directly by the artists themselves. All the way to the left you have options for opening up your own player, searching songs, settings and so on. Actual music playlist can be viewed on the right with nice looking record thumbnails. Key features of SongDrop – free online music player are:

  • Good website support – YouTube, Tumblr, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, etc.
  • Collections and mixes – create collections of your favorite music
  • Music and video player – play song – video can also be viewed
  • Access popular songs and music which was shared by other users
  • Community – share songs with your friends and listen to their mixes
  • Works with Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, all the major browsers

How to listen and stream music online with SongDrop – free online music player

Find the songs that you’re interested in listening and while the tab is open click on the DropIt button, which should by now be somewhere inside your bookmarks toolbar.

SongDrop adding songs

Once that you’ve entered the song name, selected mixes, which are basically playlists, click on DropIt button once more to confirm and add the song to your SongDrop account.

SongDrop playing music

Songs can be played by using the music player, click on the My Player button to activate it. Notice that the music thumbnails have play marks on them, left click on them is gonna activate the player. If the song is from YouTube or any other video streaming website video preview will also pop up in the bottom right corner. It can be removed if you right click on the close button left of it, so that only the audio is being streamed. Music from your friends and other SongDrop users can be played from the Feeds section, which can be seen from the first image above. Again the only thing that you need to do is clicking on play and enjoy the music.


We are really impressed with SongDrop. Songs can be added very easily, a lot of websites are supported, and the music player is very elegant. Connect it with Facebook, invite your friends and start sharing and listening music that you like. Free service.

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Free Fullscreen Media Center Like Video Player: juceVLC

juceVLC is a free fullscreen, media center like video player. When you want to view your video files further away from your computer screen, you might have some problems when trying to see what playback controls are you clicking with your mouse. This is where juceVLC jumps in, it offers you especially designed user interface which allows you to browse and watch your movies from your couch or sofa without unnecessary straining your eyes.

juceVLC default window

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Screenshot above shows us the main user interface of juceVLC player. As you can see, it’s very simple and lightweight. At the right part of the window you have standard user menu. Here you can access all of the juceVLC available options and you also have a file browser. Simply clicking on Open will expand file browser like it would also expand any other selected option.

At the bottom of the window there are video playback controls, video playback progress bar, audio bar and one button. This button is actually a quick access button for some of juceVLC options. When clicked, that menu looks like on screenshot below.

juceVLC menu

Starting from the top, those menu quick access buttons are for; audio volume, subtitle delay, audio delay, video playback speed and the last one is a feature that will calculate at what time your video will finish. Every option will be shown in the bar next to that button (also shown in the screenshot). Key features of juceVLC are:

  • User interface has big fonts and it doesn’t allow any system popup dialogs
  • On Screen Display, which allows you to browse and setup your movie when you are actually viewing it without any new windows opening.
  • Use of a regular VLC core libraries and plugins
  • Good format support – AVI, WMV, MKV, MP4, all the formats supported by VLC
  • Media center like approach – fullscreen interface and controls
  • Non mandatory keyboard, because all options and features can be accessed and tweaked using only your computers mouse

How to watch videos with juceVLC – free media center like video player

If you want to play your videos in juceVLC you will have to open juceVLC first and then choose which video you want to play with built in file browser or choose a video and then choose it to be opened with juceVLC. Sadly, drag and drop option is not available.

juceVLC playing

Your video will start automatically and quickly. To hide the OSD menu, you can click on a button next to a Stop button or simply click the left mouse button, to show it again, just click on the right mouse button or click on the button next to the Stop again. Apart from standard method, you can move your video progress bar and audio volume (including other quick access options) by positioning your mouse arrow on top of it and then scrolling your mouse scroll wheel.


juceVLC can be very useful when you want to enjoy your videos from the comfort of your sofa. The large fonts and fullscreen OSD it offers are big enough and designed well enough to be comfortable and very easy on the eye. It doesn’t really have to be your only video player, but if you are viewing your videos on a HTPC, it’s definitely a must have. Free download.

( Via ilovefreesoftware )

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